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Pittsburgh Steelers have Interest in Former-Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw

According to Adam Schefter the Pittsburgh Steelers have expressed interest in former-New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw was released by the Giants in early February to save cap space for the team. During his six seasons in the NFL Bradshaw has been plagued by foot injuries, but he has also been productive when healthy.

Steelers, Packers interested in Ahmad Bradshaw

All’s been quiet on the Ahmad Bradshaw front since the Giants released the six-year veteran last month. But Bradshaw is starting to draw interest. Both the Packers and the Steelers are interested in Bradshaw’s services, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. It would be unlike the Packers to spend a lot on a free agent running back…<... Source: ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers express interest in former Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw

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Bradshaw gripes about another quarterback

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw made his bones in broadcasting as a happy-go-lucky sort.  Now, he’s not happy.  He’s not lucky.  And he doesn’t go. Except in the middle of the night.  Five or six times. Bradshaw has been ripping modern quarterbacks lately.  On Sunday, he criticized Bears quarterback Jay Cutler for dis…

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Bradshaw thinks NFL doesn’t truly care about former players

The ongoing debate regarding whether current or former NFL players would let their sons play football continues. This time, the comments come from a high-profile Hall of Famer with one small caveat:  He doesn’t have a son. “If I had a son today . . . I would not let him play football,” Terry Bradshaw…

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Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw: NFL is ‘Forced to Care Because It’s Politically Correct To Care’


When Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw talks, people listen.

When Terry Bradshaw says the contact in football will “slowly fade away” over the next decade, Steeler Nation likely nods its head in agreement.

The fact Bradshaw also says he’d absolutely do it all again, we have more admiration for the legendary hero.

If it’s possible for those not blessed with the super-human abilities of a professional football player to comprehend what they do for a living, and the risks with their health they happily assume, we can see it with Bradshaw.

A man who took a savage beating throughout his career, both on and off the field, rebounded to become one of the most winning quarterbacks of all time. He went on to a successful broadcasting career, and became a lightning rod for the claims of former players, and the advancing research of concussions and their effects on the former players.

Only an ignorant person will listen to Bradshaw. While we gnash our teeth and curse the direction the league is going in, Bradshaw’s generation saw at least – LEAST – the same amount of regulation facing the players today. When he says he sees the game we know today fading away, it’s because he watches the results of a game that faded away from the late 70s to today.

Maybe in 10 years, this game will equate to basketball on grass, where contact happens but is mostly disallowed and the strategy is largely diluted due to the dimensions of options becoming basically “run as fast as you can, catch the ball, and win the game 72-65.”

Regardless, though, if this quote doesn’t encapsulate the issue at hand – as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s legacy – I don’t know what does.

“I have to be careful here because I work for Fox and NFL Network,” Bradshaw said, “but I don’t think they care. They’re forced to care now because it’s politically correct to care. Lawsuits make you care. I think the P.R. makes you care. But personally, when I got out in 1983, do I think they cared about me? No. And you know what? I don’t expect them to. I don’t need them to worry about me. I take care of myself. But, do they care? They’re forced to care right now because, P.R.-wise, it’s not very favorable to them.”

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Video: “Word 4 Word” with Steelers HOF QB Terry Bradshaw

Evan Golden on set with NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw. They play a little fun game “Word 4 Word!” Terry has to say the first thing that comes to his mind.

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