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Training Camp is Approaching, Behind The Steel Curtain Wants Your Help


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Behind The Steel Curtain Looking for Twitter Manager


If you're a social media guru, can articulate interesting, humorous or otherwise insightful messages in 140 characters or less, BTSC (@btsteelcurtain) could use your help.

We're soliciting a person or a few people to take responsibility of Behind The Steel Curtain's Twitter account. Duties will include frequent posting of Steelers-related (not personal) information, which will include random musings, trivia, factoids or any other cute term for small tidbits of information pertaining to the six-time Super Bowl champions.

We'd like the messages to be clean, non-antagonistic and in favor of promoting our brand.

This position will likely take full effect during the season, but we'd like to get to know our next Twitter manager now as we prepare for the long haul of the year.

We need to stress frequency and consistency as the main objectives for this position. If you're addicted to your phone or are in front of a computer all the time, and find yourself thinking of something Steelers-related pretty often, it could be a fun position for you.

Email me (Neal Coolong, click on my name below the headline of this article) or send me a Tweet (@NealCoolong) if you would like to be considered.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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Cowher Throws Support Behind Group Aimed At Wiping Out Melanoma

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The rumors about former Steelers’ coach Bill Cowher returning to coaching have swirled for years, but Cowher says he’s happy working for CBS Sports as an analyst.

It allows him time to dedicate to his passions, like beating melanoma, which is the cancer that took his wife, Kaye, in 2010.

“When she was young, she was in North Carolina in the tobacco fields picking tobacco and probably was not using suntan lotions,” said Cowher of his wife.

“So, as a child growing up; again, that’s why I say the older you are, be more aware of your body, and there [are] little signs that are there that can help you then make sure that you nip this early enough so that it does not become lethal.”

Cowher has thrown his support behind a group aimed at wiping out melanoma.

“Skin cancer is incredibly common,” says Dr. Elizabeth K. Kale, of Melanoma Exposed. “In fact, one in five Americans will develop some type of skin cancer in their lifetime. That includes non-melanoma types, which are much more common, which are basal and sqamous carcinoma. Melanoma though is without question the most deadly accounting for more than 75 percent of skin cancer related deaths.”

Known as a no-nonsense coach when he roamed the Steelers’ sidelines, Cowher knows the facts about melanoma, and that macho, tough men are not immune.

“Wear large brimmed hats, suntan lotion, staying out of the tanning booths. Don’t worry about your tan. Worry about your skin,” says Cowher. “Like you said men are twice as likely to die from this as women and if you know that – and also know that if you get detected early – you can cure that. But once it gets inside you, it’s lethal and deadly and we are trying to tell as many people as we can about this.”

Now, Cowher is doing PSAs for the group, Melanoma Exposed.com, urging base-line screening tests before it’s too late.

“The good news is it is not too late,” Cowher adds. “People used to take the approach, the damage is already done. Why bother now? There are some very good studies that if you start today to protect yourself, you can decrease your chance for getting melanoma later in life.”

Melanoma Exposed
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Welcome to Behind The Steel Curtain’s YouTube Channel

Thank goodness for Neal Coolong, Anthony Defeo, Ivan Cole, Rebecca Rollet and all of you who have kept Behind The Steel Curtain humming at full speed. As for me, I've been MIA. Why? Well, I've relocated to New York City to work full time on SB Nation's new foray into video.

My job in particular, as one of a six-year tenured veteran of this network, has been to lead and manage the blogger component of our bold video initiative. That's meant getting a bunch of bloggers to agree to be on camera, purchasing, assembling, distributing and training a wide range of editors to negotiate high quality gear and take a part of their editorial coverage from print to video. It's been enormously fun moving up here to NY and leading this charge. So, naturally, I'll be a part of this blogger roll out.

I haven't had a second to breathe, let alone write and check in with Steeler Nation here. Thankfully things seem to be chugging along well. But, being that I'll be managing and working with at least 150 of our network's editors and/or contributors over the course of this year, obviously I best immerse myself as well as we make this bold new plunge into the medium of the future.

Because I work side by side with our studio's incredible roster of talent, I'll be able to bring you fun, well-produced stuff throughout the year. But just know, the only reason I'm not grinding away and yucking it up like I have the past six years, is the simple fact that I've been blessed with this new gig.

More soon.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

Legursky hopes injuries are behind him

Doug Legursky is hoping the worst is behind him. He hopes to never experience a season like he did in 2011, when injures kept him sidelined on multiple occasions and prevented him from doing what h...

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Steelers Shutout Rams 27-0 Behind Big Day For Defense and Run Game

Cameron Heyward #97 of the Pittsburgh Steelers gets up after sacking Kellen Clemens

If the Steelers defense plays like they did Saturday in the postseason, maybe they don’t need QB Ben Roethlisberger.

Ok, let’s not get crazy.

With that said, it was good Saturday for the Black and Gold to be able to take advantage of a 2-win Rams team that was already looking to clean out their lockers. The defense laid out the Rams all day, and while Steven Jackson had some yards against the Steelers D, it was mostly a solid effort by the defense in the Steelers 27-0 Christmas Eve win.

The victory puts the Steelers at 11-4, and while they are already in the postseason, they still have things to play for next week when they head to Cleveland to play the now 4-11 Browns.

First off, the Ravens have a tough road game at Cincy, and with the Bengals still thinking about the 6th playoff spot, they will play that game 100 percent, meaning if the Ravens lay yet another road egg and the Steelers win, they take home the AFC North and likely the #2 seed in the AFC.

If the above happens and the Patriots happen to lose at home to the Bills, which is unlikely but you never know, the Steelers would actually take home the #1 seed.

In the end, they have a lot to play for, and it was good to see them just five days after the breakdown in San Fran that without Big Ben they could do just about anything they wanted against the awful Rams.

John Clay ran for his first career touchdown, and Charlie Batch was solid on offense, and the run game, was very good with Rashard Mendenhall, all sparking the run away win.

It didn’t start so easy, as the Steelers led just 3-0 after one quarter, and 10-0 at the half. They put the game away in the second half though, as they got a 49-yard field goal from Shaun Suisham, and then Batch hit Mike Wallace with a long pass setting up a Mendenhall one-yard run.

Issac Redmen closed out the scoring with a 2-yard TD with 3:14 left to wrap up the scoring at 27-0.

The Rams had a couple shots to at least get three, but kicker Josh Brown missed two field goals, one from 50 and the other from 33. Jackson led the Rams on the ground with 103 yards, but Clemens was terrible in replace of Sam Bradford, going just 9-for-24 for 91 yards. He was sacked 3 times.

Mendenhall ran for 116 yards and a touchdown and backup quarterback Charlie Batch played efficiently in place of an injured Ben Roethlisberger as the Pittsburgh Steelers pummeled lifeless St. Louis 27-0 on Sunday.

St. Louis managed just 232 yards while getting shut out for the second time this month. It was the 6th straight loss for St.Louis.

Mendenhall ran for 116 yards, and Batch was 15-for-22 for 208 yards with a pick. He wasn’t sacked in the win. Another highlight was Hines Ward, who many felt could have been playing in his final game at Heinz Field. He had 4 grabs for 32 yards.

The Steelers will be in Cleveland on Sunday, January 1st, to close out the regular season with the Browns at 1pm.

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Brett Keisel more than the player behind the beard

As a fellow alumnus of Brigham Young University, I've always been ecstatic that Brett Keisel wears the black and gold jersey of the Pittsburgh Steelers (as does another alumnus, Chris Hoke). What earned Keisel this honor? Well, read on... Despite the grizzly bear look during the season when he's grooming 'The Beard', Keisel has a huge heart (more like a teddy bear, but don't tell opposing offenses that). In 2010, Keisel used his world-famous beard to hold a fundraiser for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's UPMC's Cancer Research Center. The event, "Shear the Beard" raised more than $ 40,000 Read more [...]Brett Keisel more than the player behind the beard is a post from: Steelers Depot

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