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Brett Keisel’s Shear The Beard 2012

Defensive End Brett Keisel teamed up with Children’s Hospital to raise money for cancer research while Steelers players and coaches all took part in shaving Keisel’s now infamous beard.

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Steeler Brett Keisel Sheds His Beard

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Steeler Brett Keisel’s beard is gone, but the legend lives on.

For the second year in a row, he cut off his famous beard and it was all for a good cause.

Hundreds packed Diesel on the South Side for “Shear The Beard.” It’s a fundraiser that supports cancer programs at Children’s Hospital.

Celebrity barbers took turns cutting Keisel’s chestnut locks. Teammates like James Harrison and Aaron Smith, whose son Elijah underwent leukemia treatments at Children’s Hospital. Coach Mike Tomlin also took part.

When it was all over, Keisel was a new man.

“Even now, looking in the mirror it’s strange because I’ve had the beard for so long, but it was a great night down here,” Keisel said.

“Pittsburgh, of course, showed up. That’s what makes Pittsburgh special, though is they have grasped onto this idea and really made it what it is today.
“If the fans didn’t respond the way they did to it, I wouldn’t do it,” he added.

Last year, the event raised more than $ 40,000, and organizers say judging from this year’s crowd, they probably surpassed that benchmark.

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Keisel shaves off his beard for charity

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A clean shaven Brett Keisel and his father Lane.Only in Pittsburgh would fans don their Steelers jerseys, get a “defense” chant going and loudly cheer on players and coaches as they shaved a teamma…

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Keisel set to “Shear Da Beard” for a cause

Brett Keisel made the rounds at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, showing off his flowing beard as part of a promotion for Head & Shoulders.It’s a good thing he did it then, because “Da Beard” won’t…

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Brett Keisel Not Even Named a Pro Bowl Alternate? The Beard was Snubbed

Now this is just wrong.  Keisel is having his best season.  What he has had to play through this season is unreal.  He is part of the number one defensive unit in the NFL and he is making plays every game.
Keisel has had to work through so much this year.  He has had to play without Casey Hampton for 3 games on his inside.  That does not even count that Hampton’s back up Chris Hoke has missed the entire season.  Keisel had to do more to stop the run then ever before with the lack of a middle presence in many games.
Keisel has been working with less then usual on his outside shoulder as well.  He also has had to play without James Harrison for 5 games with an eye injury and suspension.  During that time Lawrence Timmons replaced Harrison.  That meant Larry Foote came off the bench for Timmons in the middle.  Keisel had no help around him.  He had to protect inside, outside and his back side due to injuries.
Keisel helped lead the Steelers the to the number one overall defense. …

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The Buck & The Beard: Steelers lineman Brett Keisel is an avid outdoorsman

The morning after the Steelers’ 13-9 win over Kansas City, Brett Keisel slept in. It was a Sunday night game, the team’s chartered plane had touched down at Pittsburgh International Airport in the wee hours, and the defensive end still felt sore all over in the morning. But Monday, Nov. 28, was a special day for Keisel — the opening of Pennsylvania’s statewide rifle deer season.

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Brett Keisel more than the player behind the beard

As a fellow alumnus of Brigham Young University, I’ve always been ecstatic that Brett Keisel wears the black and gold jersey of the Pittsburgh Steelers (as does another alumnus, Chris Hoke). What earned Keisel this honor? Well, read on… Despite the grizzly bear look during the season when he’s grooming ‘The Beard’, Keisel has a huge heart (more like a teddy bear, but don’t tell opposing offenses that). In 2010, Keisel used his world-famous beard to hold a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s UPMC’s Cancer Research Center. The event, “Shear the Beard” raised more than $ 40,000 Read more […]Brett Keisel more than the player behind the beard is a post from: Steelers Depot

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