Sweed injured at minicamp

According to reports Limas Sweed was injured during minicamp practice. Initial reports indicate that Sweed injured his Achilles tendon. An examination is scheduled but if Sweed tore his Achilles tendon then he is facing a 12 month rehab process. This will also be Sweed’s last chance as a Steeler.

Sweed is an athletic WR with all the measurables that you would ever want but has been a disappointment so far. Like most Steeler fans, I was hoping Sweed could be our #1 receiver of the future. He’s a mismatch waiting to happen due to his size and ability to get open. However, he has struggled with concentrating on catching the ball. With the loss of Holmes, the Steelers need Sweed to be the player we all know he can be. Let’s hope his injury is minor.

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