Steelers – What Would Be Their Rank?

In 2018, the Steelers were all over the map, and most fans thought that they would win the Super Bowl. They started the season with six turnovers, and in Week 1 they tied with the Browns. However mid-season was a bit rocky after facing three straight losses. But towards the end of the season, they were able to bounce back after they beat the Patriots. If you are into sports betting with Betamerica Promo Code, we are sure you would be asking what rank the Pittsburgh Steelers can go to.

During Preseason power ranking by ESPN, the Pittsburgh Steelers were ranked 5th in 2018. The first four teams included:

  1. Philadelphia
  2. New England Patriots
  3. New Orleans
  4. Minnesota

The 2018 season was one which had a lot of drama. You cannot forget what Leveon Bell did to his team. He watched all that they went thru at home. You have to admit though that if he was part of the team, maybe they could have performed a bit better and that isn’t a knock on James Connor.

Then, at the end of the season, Antonio Brown also shared his dose of drama. Rumors are going around that this might be the final season for Brown. He is seeking to retire. Regardless, he’s not a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.  He’s now the Oakland Raiders headache.  But this may be good news for the young blood players such as  WR Washington who are poised for a breakthrough.

The Steelers under Mike Tomlin

When Mike Tomlin took over as the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was a surprise for a lot of fans. This is because he was considered the underdog to take on the competition. But it has been a rocky ride for the Steelers under Tomlin, particularly as of late.

A lot of critics believe that once Tomlin took over, the Steelers went on a downward spiral of failure over the long run.  It got worse when Bill Cowher’s players retired. This has best been shown in terms of their rankings and the results of their playoffs. During the first five years under Tomlin, the Steelers only qualified for the Super Bowl twice and just won it once.  That might be considered a success story for a lot of teams but with the talent the Steelers have had the past several years, appearing in only 2 Super Bowls over Tomlin’s tenure is a bit disappointing. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers Rankings in History.

If you didn’t know the Pittsburgh Steelers are now tied with their arch rivals, New England Patriots for 6 Super Bowls in their franchise history. They have earned it six times, but it all did not start that quickly. Did you know that the team first qualified for its playoffs 37 years after it was founded? If I didn’t mention it, the Steelers were founded in 1933.

After this, they had a remarkable run and one of the most memorable seasons was in 1975 and 1979.  If you are a fan of Steelers, then you know that team of the 70’s were legendary.

So this begs the question will the Steelers continue this downward spiral or will Big Ben lead them to another SB before he retires.

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