Steelers top ESPN Power Rankings

For the past 2 weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers have topped the ESPN power rankings thru Week 8.  The only NFC team in the top 5 is the Atlanta Falcons.  The only other NFC teams in the top 10 are the New York Giants at #9 and the Green Bay Packers at #10.  Here are the top 5 teams represented in the Week 8 ESPN Power Rankings:

1 (1)    Steelers 5-1    It turns out the Steelers are both lucky and good. (Walker)

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2 (2)    Jets    5-1    Jets are rested coming off their bye week. They seem like the No. 1 team in football. (Clayton)

3 (3)    Patriots    5-1    The Patriots are quietly moving toward division title without Randy Moss, who visits Sunday. (Clayton)

4 (4)    Ravens    5-2    The Ravens narrowly avoided embarrassment by beating the Bills at home in OT. (Walker)

5 (7)    Falcons    5-2    Roddy White nearly made MVP Watch list a week ago; no doubt now. (Sando)

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