Steelers OLB Switching Sides All Hype

There has been a lot made out of the nothing.   The Steelers OLBs switching sides is all hype and little substance.  Does Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler really think moving Bud Dupree to the right side is going to make him that much more successful?  If he does, he should be fired.  Actually, he should have been fired immediately after the Jacksonville Jaguars playoff game.  

Why would Dupree be more successful on the right side?  That mitigates Dupree’s one and only advantage.  His athleticism.  Butler needs to take advantage of Dupree’s athleticism by creating mismatches and moving him to the right mitigates his one advantage and matches him up against every team’s most athletic offensive lineman.  How is that logical and how will that make Dupree any more successful?  This is one of many poor coaching decisions by Butler.  

Dupree should dominate against the slower right tackles in the NFL and I still have think he has all the tools to be a 10+ sack player for the Steelers.  Time will tell.

In a follow-on article, I will touch on why Butler took 4 years to move him to his more comfortable side.  I’ll give you a hint….. Jarvis Jones!  Yes, you heard that right.   


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