Steelers Coaching Staff Update

According to Adam Shefter of ESPN, the Steelers could see significant coaching staff changes for the 2010 season.

Reports indicate the special teams coach Bob Ligashesky is as good as gone for the 2010 season.  Everyone could see this move coming and is probably long overdue.  The Steelers special teams have been horrendous this year giving up the most touchdowns of anyone in the league.

Also facing cuts are offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and offensive line coach, Larry Zierlein.  Even though slightly improved this season, the Steelers offensive line continues to struggle.  Not only is their talent level subpar compared to other teams, they consistently appear to have a lack of communication.  They also have recently been dominated by some of the worst defenses in the league.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is also on the hot seat and expected to be fired.  Arians has very easily one of the most talented offensive skills position players in the league but yet the Steelers struggle to score touchdowns against the worst teams in the league.  The offensive has looked pathetic and has not improved.  Arians does not adjust to defenses well and always appear to try to fit a “square peg into a round role”.  The productivity of the Steelers offfense does mach the skill level.  The Steelers need a coach that is both more flexible and able to make play calls that both exploit defenses and play to our players strengths.

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