Steelers 2012 Team Needs: Inside Linebacker

The final installment of the Steelers 2012 Team Needs is Inside Linebacker.  It may seem like a back door need as of right now but when it comes to Salary Cap crunch time it may become a front line need.  The Steelers are anywhere from $ 22-$ 27 million over the cap depending upon who you talk to and have to be below the salary cap by the start of the new league year.
Two players who very well could be on the chopping block are James Farrior and Larry Foote.  One or the other or even both could be cut to save in cap space.  Between the two of them the Steelers could save almost $ 6 million in cap space off of the number they need to get down to. 
Foote would be a $ 3 million dollar saving if he was released.  Farrior would save the Steelers $ 2.8 million.  Both guys have bonus numbers which are right around a million.  So instead of paying 9 million for the two of them we could pay less then 3.  That is a much better number for guys who do not play every down.  They are splitting time wi…

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers