Someone said Wallace is holding out

So the always reliable unnamed source dropped some insider info that Mike Wallace ahs decided not t o sign his tender “until he has to.” Now, Wallace hasn’t said anything about anything but apparently someone thinks they know the situation. We hate unnamed/anonymous sources – we get that Deep Throat made them cool and nothing would get written if they didn’t exist but come on, man up.
If Wallace is planning on holding out, is he planning on waiting to sign before the June 15 deadline when the Steelers can drop his tender from $ 2.74 mil down to $ 577,500? Will he wait until the Steelers head to Latrobe in July? Will he wait until just before the regular season starts in September? Will he sit out the first 10 weeks like Vincent Jackson did a few years ago?
There’s no chance Wallace sits out the entire year though, otherwise he loses his unrestricted free agent status and he’s right back where he started with all of this RFA business. And if no team bit on his $ 120 million self-appraised price tag this offseason, why would any of them jump at it a year later – when he hasn’t played for an entire season?
Kevin Colbert is supposed to talk about it today so that should shed some more light on this, but this situation is starting to get very similar to Jagr Watch and ConcussionGate so we could end up just ignoring the rumors until an actual person comes out and says something or something actually does happen instead of just continuing to react to the breaking news that there is no news.
If this is a game Wallace wants to play, the Steelers need to just walk away now. Wallace is good but he’s a one-trick pony that burns corners with ease but is pretty average when it comes to everything else that’s expected of a No. 1 wide receiver. We want Wallace back but not if it means the Steelers are going to waste their time and money on him and we end up hating him in the end.

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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