Rudolph Needs to Play Better

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Mason Rudolph‘s debut was less than stellar. Rudolph needs to play better if he is to convince the Steelers front office and fans alike that he is the future of the franchise.

The Steelers showed faith in the 2nd year player when they traded away next year’s first round pick for Safety Mikah Fitzpatrick. It was a fair trade and unlike Rudolph, in his first game starting for the Steelers, showcased why he was well worth the trade. With that being said, if Rudolph continues to have poor showings, the organization will wish they had a mulligan on the decision to trade away a potential top 5 overall pick.

Rudolph needs to trust his eyes and deliver the ball. To often, he held onto the ball and threw very short passes that had no chance of being successful.

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In addition, he needs to deliver the ball with some velocity. This has always been a critique of mine and it’s true today as it was the first time I wrote about it. Rudolph doesn’t have the strongest of arms but he has enough to get the job done. He needs to stop floating the ball especially on out right patterns or he will stand no chance of being a starter in this league.

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