Roger Goodell Contact Info

Do you disagree with the NFL commissioner’s latest ruling? Why does it seem like Goodell is on the fast pace to ruining the best game in all of sports? To voice your concerns and disagreements, contact the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell at his NFL office via the information listed below:

Phone: 212.450.2027

Perhaps we should ask the NFL Commissioner himself some of these questions:

1) How can a player get fined and/or suspended when the hit was legal and not penalized on the field?

2) Why is the NFL selling posters/prints and DVD’s of these illegal hits on it’s website? They are profiting from the fines but yet they are profiting from selling merchandise! How about that for corruption?! By the way, where does all the money for these fines go?

3) Why does the ESPN, Fox, CBS, NFL Network, etc promote these type of hits via segments like “Jacked Up”? Why is the NFL and these networks allowed to promote such illegal activity?

I think the fans should suspend and fine Roger Goodell. Better yet, he should be fired. The commissioner is making a very good attempt at ruining the best game in all of sports.

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