Report: Steelers to Interview Todd Haley and Tom Clements for Offensive Coordinator Position

The Steelers seem to be at 3 candidates right now for the open offensive coordinator position.  That could change tomorrow though.  They could stay in house with Randy Fichtner or they could go outside and look at Todd Haley and Tom Clements.  The Tibune Review is reporting the Steelers plan to interview these 3 guys.  It looks like things are starting to heat up in the coaching search.  Any of the three of these guys would make me happy.  They all run a good offense and could make this team better.

Randy Fichtner-  I have warmed to this idea since it came out.  After going through all of Fichtner’s past work I was impressed with the offenses that he has run.  He did a whole lot with very little talent at his other jobs.  He still runs a type of the spread but with a more balanced attack.  I would like to see him stay as the QB coach though and one of these other two become OC.  I still think he may be to close to Roethlisberger for our own good.  If he is chosen …

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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