Reed in trouble again?!?

Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed doesn’t seem to learn, does he?  According to sources, Jeff Reed got into a heated argument with a fan at Heinz Field.  It hasn’t been determined why or how the argument got started but I can take a pretty good guess.  I would think someone  called out Reed about his recent arrest outside of McFadden’s bar in Pittsburgh (i.e. outside of Heinz Field).

In this incident, Jeff Reed was sticking up for his “partner in crime”, Matt Spaeth who also was arrested at the same location for urinating in public.  In doing this, Reed was arrest for public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

This isn’t Reed’s only run in with the law.  Last year, he “beat up” a towel dispenser and made a scene at a rest stop.

Reed should focus more on his production on the field than off.  Reed hasn’t had the strongest of years thus far featuring a couple missed critical field goals, poor kick offs, and one of the worst attempts at a tackle I’ve ever seen which resulted in a Percy Harvin kick-off return for a touchdown allowing the Vikings to get back into the game.

Look for this to be Reed’s last year in a Steelers uniform. The Pittsburgh Steelers organization does not take well to players who are not good citizens off the field and produce negative publicity.  Especially players that turn down an extension offer in the offseason, as Reed has already done.

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