Polamalu signs 4-year deal

It’s done and just before the Steelers deadline. Troy Polamalu signed a 4-year extention yesterday, September 10th just before flying to Baltimore for the season week 1 game against their arch rival, the Baltimore Ravens. The have a policy that prohibits contract negotiations to continue throughout the season and luckily for both parties they got it worked out.

It is rumored that Polamalu will receive around 35-40 million for those 4 years.  The contract will likely be largely guaranteed and contain a large signing bonus.  It is a good investment for the Steelers and it’s well deserved.  The Steelers defense is very dependent on his outstanding playmaking ability and it shows by their record when he’s on the field.  He’s an outstanding player but an even better person.  He’s an ambassador for the Steelers and the NFL.

Troy Polamalu Key Career Statistics:

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