Pittsburgh Steelers: Fit for Jay Ajayi?

Going by recent developments, Leveon Bell is going to play for the New York Jets. This was a move we thought would only happen if they agreed to pay him $100 million. You have to admit Bell loves the spotlight and he would do anything to be in the news. After the intense drama during last season, it is clear that the Pittsburgh Steers have had enough.

One of the last things that the Steelers never do is being active in free agency. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise because of the robust system that coach Mike Tomlin has implemented. Moreover, together with the General Manager Kelvin Colbert, it is hard that the team to get new players especially at the stages of the league in the year. If you are into sports betting with sportsbook-duel.com , we are sure you are trying to be in the loop with all the recent news.

However, according to analysts this year might be an excellent year for the team to consider being active in free agency. The one player who should be at the top of their list is Jay Ajayi.

Who is Jay Ajayi?

If you are not a fan of Philadelphia Eagles, then I am sure that you have not come across Jay Ajayi. The 25-year-old made a significant impact on his former team. Ajayi’s journey to football started way early when he was in high school. He was picked as the 149th pick by the Miami Dolphins. Although he was still a rookie at this particular time, he finished off with seven reception for 90 yards.

He joined the Philadelphia Eagles which have given his football career a boost. He was traded for the 2018 fourth-round draft pick. Ajayi debuted with eight rounds for 77 yards. He finished off the seasons with three touchdowns and 184 rushing yards.

Why should the Philadelphia Steelers pick Jay Ajayi?

Let’s start by admitting that the Steelers need someone who can help them in getting back to their glory days. Yes, I know that Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger have been the combo which has been leading the team to their wins. But some fresh blood is needed. It is clear that Jay Ajayi might be the young blood that they have been missing out.

So you might be asking why Ajayi? First things first he has a lot of talent and experience. When he was playing for the Dolphins, he was voted for the career Pro Bowl Award in 2016. This was because he had scored the third most rushing yards in Dolphins history. Moreover, since he joined the Eagles, he helped them qualify for the playoffs.

Also considering the amount of drama which Pittsburgh Steelers have been facing it is safe to say that they need someone who doesn’t show off. Ajayi is one of the few players who know how to keep their personal life under wraps. And this we know that Tomlin will appreciate.

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