Pittsburgh Steelers and NFL weighing option of playing a regular season game in Ireland

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In this down period of Pittsburgh Steelers news, it is amazing the stories that can make headlines. Interesting enough, the latest story to create a buzz is more about future scheduling, vice being player related. That question, could Steelers play a regular-season game in Ireland?Absolutely, and they should. Of course, that game should be against a franchise that struggles in attendance during home games instead of at the expense of the rabid Heinz Field crowd. Evidently, Dan Rooney agrees, and has gone as far as visiting Dublin’s Croke Park with NFL Officials to determine the feasibility.

In an interview with BBC News Rooney states, “I think sometime very soon it will happen and I think the commissioner is interested in working something out and, sure, I’d like to see the Steelers involved.” This idea should not come, as a surprise to any Steelers fan considering that next to Pittsburgh, Ireland may be the international heart of the Steelers franchise, with Roo…

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