Mike Wallace, Steelers in talks on a long term deal

Mike Wallace is no showing optional OTAs for the Steelers as he wants a new long term deal. Wallace, who has yet to sign his 1 year, 2.742 million restricted free agent tender, reportedly wants Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald money, which is somewhere around 15+ million per year over 7-8 years. Wallace couldn’t get that from the Steelers even if they wanted to give it to him because of their cap situation, but he and the Steelers are in least in talks on a long term deal. It’s unclear if one will get done. Right now, the Steelers hold all the leverage. Since he’s only had 3 years in the league, the Steelers can slash his salary to 577,000 if he doesn’t resign by June 15th.

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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