Mendenhall yet to convince Steeler Nation

During last week’s game against the previously undefeated Minnesota Vikings, Mendenhall faced his toughest

Rashard Mendenhall

Rashard Mendenhall

competition yet; a stout top-5 run defense anchored by the Williams’ and himself (meaning Mendenhall).  Mendenhall wasn’t the same decisive back that we’ve seen in previous weeks.

Additionally, Mendenhall fumbled the ball for the second week in a row.  However, this time it almost cost the Steelers the victory.  Mendenhall went airborne, diving from nearly the 5 yard line to attempt to reach the goal line.  Not only did Mendenhall come up short of the goal line, he turned the ball over to the Minnesota Vikings.

Note to Mendenhall, we will NOT reach the goal line by leaving your feet at the 5 yard line.

Another note to Mendenhall..normally leaving your feet outside of the 1-inch line results in a fumble.  Don’t take it from me, watch the dozens of film available that confirms when running backs, wide receivers and especially quarterbacks leave their feet, they fumble.

In Mendenhall’s defense, he didn’t have a whole lot of opportunity to impress.  The Steelers aborted the run way too early and allowed Minnesota to dominate the time of possession which almost caused the Steelers to lose.  Chalk up more bad playing to our offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians.  In a game such as this one, Mendenhall should have had at least 20 carries which would have controlled the clock a bit more and would have allowed Mendenhall to come very close to 100 rushing yards on the day.

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