James Harrison Sounds Off About Bountygate on Twitter

Often fined and targeted Steelers linebacker James Harrison has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder when talking about the New Orleans Saints “bounty system” coming to light. Harrison has racked up over $ 100,000 in fines the last two seasons, as well as faced a game suspension, all for questionable dirty or illegal hits to opposing players.

However, Harrison and teammate, safety Ryan Clark, both have come out and said the Steelers have never had a bounty system in place, although on other teams Clark said he’s seen rewards on defense for interceptions, fumbles forced, and even big hits. But never to the extent of purposely injuring a targeted opposing player.

Yesterday on Twitter, Harrison sounded off, saying that if he were accused of participating in a bounty system, he would already be out of the NFL. I am hard pressed not to agree with him, as Roger Goodell has made Harrison the poster boyfor his emphasis on player safety. Harrison tweeted:

“I’ll just say this, if that was me I would have been kicked out of the NFL!!!”
[tweet https://twitter.com/jharrison9292/status/176367911752052736]

I can only imagine what Harrison’s reaction will be if the league doesn’t impose some harsh punishments on everybody involved with Bountygate, from Saints owner Mickey Loomis on down.

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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