Harrison Fined 25k for Fitzpatrick Hit

Why doesn’t James Harrison learn that he should just punch a player in the face and get his 25k worth?  Harrison was recently fined for the 4th time totaling 125k for a so called “illegal” hits.  This time costing him 25k.

The hit wasn’t illegal, it was a clean it.  What is most frustrating is that Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan got into a fist fight during the game and ejected but they were only fined 25k. A week ago, Oakland Raider defensive end punched Ben Roethlisberger in the face and was ejected but he was only fined 20k.

James Harrison legally hits Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and he is fined 25k for the hit.

Huh!?!  How do you explain that Rodger Goodell?

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