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Thread: "Russell Wilson is Doomed to Fail..."

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    "Russell Wilson is Doomed to Fail..."

    You read it here first. And the writer has a good point on the OL. While most Steeler fans look at Steelers' projected OL as an upgrade from the previous season, you need to look at what Wilson played behind last season as a baseline. The Donkeys had a very good one last season.

    3 reasons why Russell Wilson is doomed to fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers
    Story by Lou Scataglia ? 16h ?

    The Denver Broncos' former starting quarterback will now get a shot with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he could be doomed to fail. This could be the last chance that Russell Wilson has in the NFL as a starting quarterback, and frankly, it's sad. Prime Russell Wilson was something truly to behold. At his best, there weren't many passers better.

    He's among the best dual-threat QBs in NFL history and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. However, like every single player who has played in the NFL, there does come a time when Father Time has run its course. For Wilson, Father Time has caught up to him and could hit him like a ton of bricks in 2024.

    Here's why Russell Wilson is doomed to fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    1. Steelers projected OL is significantly worse than Broncos unit in 2023

    According to Ourlads, the projected depth chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers is Broderick Jones, Isaac Seumalo, Zach Frazier, James Daniels, and Troy Fautanu. So what you have with this offensive line is two projected rookies, one unproven tackle in Jones, and two good-ish starters in Seumalo and Daniels. That isn't great, folks.

    In 2023, the Denver Broncos were five strong along the offensive line with Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, Lloyd Cushenberry, Quinn Meinerz, and Mike McGlinchey. While the unit had its moments, it was still one of the more talented on paper in the NFL. The thing with Wilson is, as we know, is that he takes a ton of sacks. Wilson tends to hang in the pocket for too long and just does not get rid of the ball on time.

    That hasn't changed. In 188 career regular season games, he's taken 527 sacks. That comes out to 2.8 sacks per game, which is 48 per 17-game season. So if the averages hold, you can expect Russell Wilson to take nearly 50 sacks in 2024. But with how unproven this offensive line is, would it be unrealistic to suggest he gets sacked 60 times? More?

    2. Huge downgrade from Sean Payton to Arthur Smith

    Does this need to be elaborated on at all? Arthur Smith is the new offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he is coming off of a 21-30 tenure with the Atlanta Falcons, a tenure in which his Falcons teams went 7-10 each year. Furthermore, his offenses in Atlanta never ranked higher than 15th in points scored.

    The Falcons never ranked higher than 16th in passing yards per game and never ranked higher than 24th in passing touchdowns. The only redeeming quality of Smith's tenure in Atlanta was the rushing offenses in 2022 and 2023, ranking 3rd and 9th in yards per game. You can figure that the Pittsburgh Steelers will look a lot like the Falcons' offenses, so perhaps they will run the snot out of the ball.

    But do they have the personnel along the offensive line to do that? Probably not. Arthur Smith has a huge challenge in Pittsburgh, and he's simply not in the same tier as Sean Payton. Heck, Smith might be among the worst offensive play-callers in the entire NFL. Sure, in some instances, talent can overcome coaching a bit, but the thing is, the Steelers don't have a ton of talent on offense.

    This could shape up to be a brutal year for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Russell Wilson.

    3. He's simply washed-up

    I was a huge defender of Russell Wilson after the 2022 NFL Season and knew he had something left in the tank. I refused to believe he was washed up, and well, it looks like I may have been only half right. In 2023, Wilson definitely showed some nice things here and there; he was pretty solid off-schedule and was making plays with his legs.

    The deep ball was still there as well. Overall, there was a huge improvement from Wilson in 2022 to 2023, but overall, this is still a washed-up QB who could not succeed with an elite play-caller and a very good offensive line. It's clear that the Denver Broncos were still winning games with Russell Wilson, but he is truly a shell of his former self.

    And now that he's stepping into a new team and also one year older, the "washed-up" factor might get bigger and bigger. He's set to play in his age-36 season. Folks, that isn't young. He's not getting faster and his arm is not getting stronger either. Prime Russell Wilson was a joy to watch, but that's not who he is anymore.

    Now yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback situation in 2023 was horrible. The trio of Steelers QBs combined for just 13 touchdown passes in 2023, and Wilson had 26 with the Broncos. However, Wilson being paired with a rookie QB would have been a more viable solution. Instead, Justin Fields is the backup QB, which isn't a great solution.

    Anyway, Russell Wilson is washed-up and probably won't perform well for the Steelers in 2024.

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    This is why we are only paying him what 1.2M$. It doesn't take a football genius to come up with this possibility.

    That is why we have Justin Fields in the QB room. He closed out last year in an upswing. 2024 is a gamble year for the Steelers. We may have to run the ball 40 times per game.

    If we are all honest about it, we all know that Wilson could be washed up.

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    Totally disagree with point 2., it's all about the style of offense. Peyton needs a Brees or Brady, a next level processor, to succeed. Roethlisberger would have frustrated the crap out of him, as would Lamar, Mahomes, and Allen.

    Also, this is a piece from a basement blogger in Denver. Should we counter it with a fair and balanced piece from SteelersNow?

    Check out his bibliography -- he writes more about Wilson than the Broncos' QB. He does hate PFF, though, so I'm sure he'll be a big hit here.
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    Wilson's numbers in 2023 - 66.4 3,070 yards 26 TDs 8 INTs. Not the greatest numbers in the world but still pretty damn good, I'm not sure he's washed up, I also don't think he was the right kind of QB for Peyton's offense, it was a strange pairing.

    I'm more concerned with Smith/Tomlin, could be a recipe for disaster when it's all said and done, especially with what will likely be a young O-line in certain places.

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    I don’t think Wilson is washed up. Sean Payton is an ass and treated Russ like a stepchild. It was all an excuse to get out of that ugly contract and I hope Payton fails this year.

    That being said, I do agree with the Smith concerns and the OL concerns. I expect the OL to improve once they settle in but that may be by midseason and the second half of the schedule is brutal.

    Smith’s play calling and use of personnel in ATL was questionable. Seemed to rely on vets instead of the young talent he had available in the red zone.
    I lost a bet about Najee gaining 1300 yards.

    "Our head coach has failed to win a playoff game for seven years in a row. His game day strategy, culture of divas, in game decisions, clock management, player evaluation, hires, and affinity with sub par starters at RB, P, and OL are holding the Steelers back. That standard remains the standard"

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    Wilson was sacked the 4th most times last season even with a very good, veteran OL. It could be a sackfest early in the season for the Steeler OL, and will be interesting to see if he can overcome the OL learning curve. Tomlin teams start slow. The first month will look shaky, if not ugly. As someone else said they better plan on running the ball 40 times a game to keep their QB healthy.

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    Not sure I agree on any of the points.

    I think this can be a good O for Russ. Lots of speed at WR. A focus on pounding the rock. And run some PA to give him time to throw deep where he’s really accurate.

    Gotta allow Russ to take a 10 step drop to see over the line and hold the ball to throw those deep rainbows.

    I think he can succeed but in reality he’s probably here to help Fields.

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    I just want to see Wilson n Fields compete and let the chips fall. Russ is the starter going into camp but he may not be come week 1 or by mid-season.

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    What it means is the Steelers are most likely without a capable QB, again. The Steelers need to take a honest look at acquiring a QB of the future for 2025. Fields isn't the answer. He is a journeyman QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by "BuzzNuter" View Post
    This is why we are only paying him what 1.2M$. It doesn't take a football genius to come up with this possibility.

    That is why we have Justin Fields in the QB room. He closed out last year in an upswing. 2024 is a gamble year for the Steelers. We may have to run the ball 40 times per game.

    If we are all honest about it, we all know that Wilson could be washed up.
    I have a very serious question! With Canada gone, who is Tomlin's fall guy to point the finger at?
    Tomlin hasn't won a playoff game in seven years and counting. The earliest will be eight years. I guess that in Art Rooney's II, opinion is worth a 3 year extension.

    Our 2024 draft looks to be grade A. Our 2023 draft is an A. The roster is talented, but Mike Tomlin is still the head coach.

    *** Mike Tomlin is the best coach since the AFL- NFL merger that has not won a playoff game in 8 seasons or more. It's either him or Lewis. ***


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