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Thread: New hockey fan here.

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    New hockey fan here.

    The game is MUCH better than now, then it was when I was younger in the 1970's and 1980's. Having said that here are my ideas to bring the game into 2025.

    1. Open up the ice. Go to Olympic rinks which use more ice space. Hockey is more enjoyable under these rules. Allow for speedy skater players with more one on one ability to shine. The scoring will increase! Passing will increase. Olympics style rules are a joy to watch. Tv will love the extra viewing angles.

    2. Move to the blue line up 5 feet toward the goals. This will limit the silly two line pass rule, and make things even more offensive. Teams can press the puck more. This is key for my next rule.

    3. Create the two point shot! Any shot behind the blue line is worth 2 points when your team does not tip or touch the puck vs. a manned goaltender! This will completely change the game strategy and the game will never never be over in the scores trailing by two goals or more late in the 3rd period. Fans of the long blast shots will approve. It is a different type of skill used by players who generate a lot of velocity MPH / KPH on their shots! Add in an MHP gun for fun.

    4. Eliminate the off sides until a team reaches the opponent's blue line. Play you're man.


    Minor rule changes for the fans


    5. Set up green lights in the penalty box that go off when a player is released Green as in go, you are free. Fans will like the symbolism.

    6. Allow for the jersey numbers 0 and 00 to be used. Why not?

    7. Warm ups before the game have helmets optional. People like to see the faces of their players. Let them.

    8. Bring the fans at the stadium special rights after the periods are over to see / hear a minute of the coaching / locker room stuff. It is about special access. Major sports do not do this. You can be the frist.

    9. Make the boards at little more spring like with the puck. This will also help a little with injuries. Granted I'm struggling a bit to get go for 10 rule changes.

    10. Make a pink uniform. Okay it is not for general use, but an alternative uniform for the female fans.

    By the way the NFL can adopt some of my ideas too!
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    Thanks though.
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