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Thread: I am going to attempt to build an offense around Mason Rudolph. As what we have now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel Buchsbaum View Post
    I say he is a top 5 pick. We MUST draft a qb in round one or two. I'll work on my prospect list this week. You can say it is evolving nicely.

    Our season is basically over for us. We a rudderless on offense. Tomlin has no clue. The team is in disarray. It would not surprise me if he is let go when his contract expries or leaves.

    But give me a quarterback with the 18-23rd pick or round two from pick # 39-46 and we will get better.

    Pickett is an official bust in my eyes. Start Rudolph now that we have no OC. He can be a plus game manager.

    Speaking of QB's they are dropping like flies. These mobile QB's unless they are built like Josh Allen are hurt too often. They just are.

    ESPN just did a top 10 draft prediction and Nix wasn't in it. Mostly because they believe the teams who need a QB aren't picking in the 3 to 10 range or they felt no QB was worth the reach. I think Nix will bin top 10 if he keeps playing like this. Someone will move up for him if he wins the Heisman and I think he is the favorite at the moment. I still don't have faith in him but maybe that 5th year helped him?
    I lost a bet about Najee gaining 1300 yards.

    "Our head coach has failed to win a playoff game for seven years in a row. His game day strategy, culture of divas, in game decisions, clock management, player evaluation, hires, and affinity with sub par starters at RB, P, and OL are holding the Steelers back. That standard remains the standard"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Maniac View Post
    I was hoping he would slide because of his advanced age.
    Nix is 23 and will not be 24 until 2024. Age really is not an issue unless the prospect is over 25 and even then if takes a back seat to injuries. You have a player for cheap on his rookie contact.

    He won't slide.
    The Steelers had a great draft in 2023. However better play calling / coaching is badly needed. Tomlin is hasn't won a playoff game in seven years and counting. Nor has hired anyone good to his coaching staff. Think about that. Mike Tomlin says, " hell yeah we've got to make some changes. " We are waiting. But Khan and Weidl appear to have better management on the salary cap and draft needs. How much we sign player for in 2nd and 3rd contracts need some major work.


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