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    it?s the arrogance of the Steelers thinking they were ?the standard? and not select an offensive lineman in the first 2 rounds for over TEN years! Arrogance and delusions of the past imo.
    I guess you've got a point. Because I just went and looked at the first two games and it's pretty painful to watch. The O-line play may be microscopically better but nowhere significant enough. Basically, we still have no O-line. So maybe, ...just maybe it's wrong to critique any of the skill players. Because when you have no O-line, doesn't matter who the skill people are.

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    Every other team drafts guys and puts them in the game, why do the Steelers so stubbornly refuse to give a rookie a chance? Dick LeBeau was famous for this but at least he had pedigree to make those decisions. Matt Canada and whoever the offensive line coach is do not have any pedigree to lean on, Jones should be playing.


    "Football is a physical game, well, it used to be anyways" - Mel Blount


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