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Thread: The Browns Is The Browns

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    Quote Originally Posted by brothervad View Post
    Yeah but NH got almost 50% of his yards last night on 1 carry (longest 21 yds on a total of 43) that means his 9 for 22 is 2.44 ypc.
    Not only that, his next carry was for 17 yards - on a beautiful effort by him. Other than those two, it was 8 carries for 5 yards (.625y/c). Tough sledding for both of them up front. Cleveland employed a 5 man DL with a lot of speed up near the line. There were two plays in particular that I thought did a great job of beating that. One was the screen to Warren where he went for 30 yards and the first first down. The other was a handoff to Warren where he immediately reversed field to the left for (I think) about 8 yards.

    We can talk about the impotent running game all we want, but I think that the QB has to hit a few passes in a row before anyone is going to back away and give the backs some room to run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    There was one play where Pickens was wide open and Pickett completely missed the throw , putting it too far out in front. On replay, I think Aikman pointed out that Pickens slowed his route down and Pickett led him, not expecting him to slow down. Who really knows? One way or another, I know that Pickett is not playing well, that can't be the case on every missed connection.
    That's a miscommunication that we're all piling on to the bad night.

    Had Pickens kept running? That is a well placed ball where he could actually run after the catch

    I was really surprised that Aikman didn't call attention to the WR slowing - he's generally good, but he had a couple of weird moments.

    Like when TJ got the touchdown, I think it was him that said "that sack gave him the record for the Steelers".... he didn't even get THAT sack, Highsmith did - moreover, he had already gotten the record earlier in the game.
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