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Thread: GMF: Steelers could be this year's Eagles

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerkeylargo View Post
    You're a fool. The fact you have "legend" next to you profile is comical

    QB-yes edge Hurts-We should have drafted him instead of Claypool-however KP8 is gonna make a leap
    RB-that is definitely our edge, eagles top 2 backs can't stay on field
    WR-While Philly has the top WR in Brown our room overall is better
    TE-Friermuth over Goddert and Washington over Arnold
    OL-This is closer than you think with Seamalu coming over.....Lane Johnson is a difference maker though
    DL/LB-I'll put our front 7 up against theirs any day. Their LB's are terrible excluding Reddick,,,,Graham and Cox are old as dirt
    DB's-definitely our favor---really not close
    Love when you post SKL. Yes he is a fool and just trolls this board. His sociopathic hatred of Tomlin turns every post into hoping for the Steelers to fail so that someday he will feel validated
    "My team, may they always be right, but right or wrong...MY TEAM!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I think the article is moreso about what team can go from 9-8 to a SB contender in a year. Not which team can duplicate the Eagles at every position.

    Good running game
    Good weapons at WR
    QB who can improve dramatically
    Defense that is stout.

    I think we can do all those things plus we have a much lighter schedule in 2023. Iggles had one of the easiest schedule last year.
    It was more about who can be the next Eagles, which I already understood. I just broke things down to compare rosters and see how much comparable success can be expected. I see an improvement achievable for sure, but not on that similar level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whisper View Post
    Let's count the ways we are equal to Philly of last year:

    OL: huge edge Philly
    QB: huge edge Philly
    WRs: huge philly
    RBs: Philly
    TEs: Philly
    DL: big edge Philly
    DBs: Philly
    LBs: push, maybe

    Yea, but we are right with the Eagles of last year. Sure.
    You really are foolish. Why are you comparing the 2022 rosters? This is about the 2023 roster and predicting we will take a nice leap forward.
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