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Except that we hear over and over that they are not as turned off of Chuks or Moore as a few fans are.

If the top guys are gone... we have just as big needs at ILB, DL , CB/S and WR

ILB--need a coverage guy with speed...Saunders, Campbell or Simpson could all challenge to start as rookies

DL--aging group. Can't count on Cam being elite forever. Need a plug in the middle.

CB/S--Got the mentor in Peterson to put his finger in the dyke for a year or two, but need the next elite guy at CB and replacing Edmunds is going to be harder than many want to admit.

WR--IMO the most over rated group on the team. DJ is inconsistent. Pickens may be a spectacular catch guy, but is he a true #1, 100 receptions a year guy? Austin can be a dynamic tool in the tool box, but has to prove he is back from injury. 'Muth is a star in the making, but need depth.

More needs than OT...need to take the best player on the board.

each one of your “ needs” has better starters at the position then we do at LT


8th most penalized LT
7th most allowed sacks.

what are you missing that the rest of us can clearly see ?