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He seems like a good guy. I wish him well. But as a first round pick, he was a disappointment. I had a third round game on him when he was drafted . He is not much better than Kazee who produces much more splash plays. We should NOT have a knee jerk reaction and waste a first or second round pick on a safety.
I think he's probably about what a reasonable expectation for a late 1st round would be.

Solid, but not spectacular. Consistent starter, but not probowl or all pro.

You want to hit on guys better than this (like we did with Watt). But my guess is that at least half of 28th OA picks do worse than TE.

This is why I hate the "he was a 1st round pick" tag. The difference in value from 1.1 to 1.32 is probably similar to the difference in value from 1.32 to the end of the draft. It's not reasonable to compare a top 5 pick to the last few picks of the 1st round.