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Thread: Steeler sign Kazee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    Bout time the Mountain West got some love around here.

    Forget this Pitt Panthers, Buckeyes, or Nit Lions. Mountain West baby.

    From the legendary Chris Hoke to D Kazee…when the Steelers add Mountain West talent WATCH OUT league.
    Darn right! I was there when Marshall Faulk was there. But that was not hard for a guy who spent 13 years getting his BA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djfan View Post
    You think you have it bad, I'm an Aztecs fan living in Wyoming! The MW Conf is really a fun conference. I though Boise was leaving the MW?
    Boise fans want to leave the Mountain West in the worst way possible. We want to compete in the better conferences. The program is becoming stagnant because we don't have the money to fund the program to compete against the P5 teams. Because of the inequality in college football caused by the tv contracts there is now a huge divide between the G5 and the P5 schools. Clearly this sucks for a program like Boise who has the aspirations to be the best that we ca be. Even though we are one of the winningest programs in the history of college football, we are handicapped by being in a small market and the MW. It looks like we have nowhere to go, the PAC12 are elite snobs that don't want us or anything to do with our market.

    We have a big fan base across the US and a consistent winning program which might get us into the Big12. They've shown some interest in us but if the Big12 takes the 4 corners schools from the PAC, we're screwed. Culturally we're a better fit in the Big 12 than the PAC.

    Our fear is that if we don't have a chance to improve our financial resources and compete in a P5 conference the interest in the program will die. College football is being ruined by greed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    100 percent accurate.
    Healthy Kazee is the better player but it would be nice to have both.
    I'm SteelerOfDeVille and I approve this message
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