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And he's so good that the champs of OUR DIVISION spent money to get him.
I see this different. They over spent in a panic. The super bowl champs did not panic and still spend big money but less on another LT. We will see how each decision works out now going forward. I promote the Chiefs decision right now looking at it as of today.
And as far as Moore the jury is still deliberating for me. I don’t think he is terrible. He has handled some serious pass rushers well. I also believe most players can improve season to season or be upgraded at anytime. It comes down to cap money and position value etc. The Steelers have had some capable Tackles at discounted prices. Just have to be prepared for there bad games or help minimize there weakness without causing other offensive issues.

Kind off topic or different topic it seems most of the FA guys are said to have that high character label the Steelers value.