1. He priced himself out of of range, thank God. He was never anywhere as good as his price tag when he signed with TN, period.

2. Since I called him out on that, I've been proven 100% correct. Plus, now he's been hurt the last 2 years. His tackles and sacks have virtually disappeared since in TN (3.5 sacks per season, 17.5 tackles, combined). What do the yinzers think those #'s are worth? Vet minimum? If that?

3. I just don't get the infatuation with bringing Bud back. He's not worth anything at this point. Going back to yester-year may be "fun" but it's not too damn pragmatic, and if definitely isn't in this case. Get over it.

BTW, I'm not really calling out this trend in here so much, but in other forums.