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Disagree. Everyone is wired differently. In the past, I've taken less $$ because of a situation I preferred, over being the highest paid.

And I don't think $133M guaranteed was a lowball offer to Lamar at ALL, particularly when you see the kinds of contracts that the GOAT has played for in his career. He was never about setting the bar for QB pay. He was about being great. Reminds me of Bell. He was more interested in setting the bar than being great in a role that was perfect for him. And he later openly regretted it.

Different people handle things differently. I think Lamar is focused solely on beating the insane contract that his counterpart got from the Clowns.

I've always been of the opinion of doing what you love for the reason that you love it. Not for the money. If the money becomes the most important thing, you're going to end up disappointed.
Lamar isn't going to get 200 mil guaranteed from any team in the league. And he's about to find that out when no one offers two first round picks for him. He's not a Mahomes or Burrows for anyone even to contemplate offering something like that.