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Thread: NFL 2023 combine thread II

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    NFL 2023 combine thread II

    hopefully we can keep this to info related to the combine and keep all the
    NFL is racist bull$**** from the usual posters out clogging up the thread

    Wisconsin LB Nick Herbig, who's worked out with and is "pretty close" with @_TJWatt had a formal interview with the Steelers at the NFL Combine (

    2 LBs we’ve reportedly already met with

    Pace, only 5’10 and 1/2, and Sewell are monsters in the weight room.

    Per kirwin,
    teams look for a total of 1000 pounds in 3 specific lifts ( squat, bench, dead lift)
    sewall’s total is over 1300

    pace’s is 1600+.
    At the level of the best DL over the years.

    I think His interview will move him up as well.
    sounded like a long time friend with miller and kirwin. Great kid

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    This seems like a bad idea for players and for teams.

    Do you know why the PA wants to do this?

    there’s also some talk of the site moving like they’ve done with the draft.

    but there’s been plenty of analysts and GMs I’ve heard in interviews this week say its crazy to try and change things up.
    just with regards to the medical exams these players are getting. They have it streamlined to perform physicals on 300 plus players.

    this is how they detected something wrong with star loutuatu heart years ago.
    they have arrangements with the local hospitals when they do find something questionable.
    the logistics in trying to set this up in other cities would be close to impossible

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    nfl radio reporting Kancey broke the best time for a DL

    beat aaron donald record tiome

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    5 other DL break the 5.0 40 time

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    maybe time to start crossing off DL benton from our mocks,

    today said he prefers the 1 tech. likes going "through the gaps between center and OG"

    i guess maybe we can go the hargrave route and have him here 4 years while he develops and then goes on to shine in a system better fit for him

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    Arizona looking to deal WR hopkins for cap relief

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    Tuli Tuipulotu. USC listed him at 6'4 291, officially listed 6'3 266.

    probably not what we're looking for at DE

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    Nolan Smith 4.44 and 41 vert WOW!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City Inc. View Post
    Nolan Smith 4.44 and 41 vert WOW!!!!!!!
    lot of fast times for some big people

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    Bryan Young Tenn freak show continues. So impressive. Change of direction, speed super.
    Karl Dunbar putting them through drills has to be impressed.


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