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Thread: Daniel Jeremiah 2023 NFL mock draft 1.0: Steelers select OG

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    Daniel Jeremiah 2023 NFL mock draft 1.0: Steelers select OG

    Daniel Jeremiah 2023 NFL mock draft 1.0: Texans, Ravens among four teams selecting quarterbacks

    Published: Jan 20, 2023
    Daniel Jeremiah
    NFL Media analyst

    Pick 17
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    O'Cyrus Torrence, IOL
    School: Florida
    Year: Senior

    The Steelers must address the interior of the offensive line this offseason, and Torrence is a big, powerful man. Pittsburgh could probably slide back and still get him in the 20s.

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    Don't like it, I know in the past we've taken OGs who have worked out in the 1st round (Faneca, DeCastro), but generally speaking taking an OG in the 1st is a waste. What the IOL needs help? What about at OT? Has everyone eaten crazy pills and thinks Moore is even an average LT at this point? He blows. If they want to address the inside OL, do that with one of the 2nd or 3rd round picks. Plenty of decent OGs in those rounds to replace Dotson/Greene.

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    I think he's a bit of a reach at 17

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    Mock drafts are a crap shoot, but have seen him going in mid 2nd. that would be cool. 1st pick best OT for Kenny. 2nd pick Cyrus for Najee

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    Need to go oline 2 out of the first 4 rounds.
    OT at 17, not G.
    In the last decade:
    25% of the league has won a super bowl. The steelers are not one of them.
    20 teams have as many or more playoff wins as the steelers.
    25 teams have won at least one playoff game, none have a worse playoff win percentage than the steelers.

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    too high to pick a guard at 17

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    Quote Originally Posted by crushedspirit View Post
    I think he's a bit of a reach at 17
    Maybe in the second round ( we have two picks there ), but not a guard in the first round when your hurting at tackle . He would be a reach at pick # 17 anyway.
    The Steelers had a great draft in 2023. However better play calling / coaching is badly needed. Tomlin is 19-18-1 in last 38 games played and hasn't won a playoff game in six years and counting. Nor has hired anyone good to his coaching staff. Think about that. But Khan and Weidl appear to have better management on the salary cap and focused on the right free agents and draft needs.

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    I would be fine with an OG at 17. Dotson is the one getting Kenny concussed.
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    Very good point, some articles I read have us moving Moore to LG and drafting an OT. I don’t see this happening. I don’t think we go OT that high, just a gut feel I currently have. It could change.

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    If the Steelers grab a LT in the draft can Moore slide over one spot to guard? Two positions solved with a single pick.


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