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Thread: Going to War

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Feels like the league is changing back again honestly. Points down, more rushing, more balanced offenses.

    Again, its Kenny’s first full season next year, I expect more growth and a longer leash but its still going to be a run heavy offense trying to keep 3rd downs manageable.
    I think we're mostly on the same page with what to expect next season. Just differing in the magnitude of the growth...which is probably not something that we can really measure all that well. Particularly in what will probably be a conservative offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    Aikman in particular called for Switzers head while he was coach. It is common knowledge.

    This demonstrates the ignorance of Steeler fans of the reality of other teams.
    It demonstrates the ignorance of just football fans to compare coaches outside the Steelers' franchise to any coach inside the Steelers' franchise... Steeler fans recognize that there are too many intangibles (by trying to give examples, one is making the intangible tangible, so it never really WAS intangible, was it??) to compare a NOT-Steeler apple a Steeler orange...

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    Quote Originally Posted by whisper View Post
    Ask the players who he lied to about what their playing time would be, not the biggest fans.
    You are mischaracterizing players by leaping to the conclusion that they were lied to.... They were given "if-then" opportunities... it's a common persuasive technique.... "If" you do this, "Then" you can be a starter.... Some players didn't deliver the "if" portion, then used the "then" portion to claim they were lied-to... They were not....


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