Shocker, I know, but it seems people are thrilled that the Steelers got "hot" against a crappy schedule, and that "Pickett developed".

What did Pickett develop into? A gun-shy game-manager that runs an 18-PPG offense? How is that supposed to compete with the hot shot QBs in the AFC? I would have rather they cut him loose and let him learn on the fly like Peyton Manning did as a rookie, even if it meant more INTs and more losses. This team wasn't competing for anything this season anyway.

Najee is another point of optimism, and he did finish strong, but he also put on a ton more miles on those tires and the sand is running out of the hourglass on what is usually a short career position.

(Aside: gotta appreciate the double metaphor ^^^^)

Heyward has another year on him, Loudermilk took a huge step back, other guys were good, not great. Watt has another injury and more miles, OL looked better but is still extremely average across the board. Highsmith was a bright spot, indeed.

Unless there are serious changes in the staff and FA philosophy, I see more of the same in 2023. Their ceiling seems to be mediocrity, and they seem to be quite comfortable with that.