We're starting a rookie QB, we know that. He's growing, we know that.

But, if I had come to you 3 weeks ago and said, "From 2-6, what is successful?"
Apart from the obvious "progress by KP and the offense as a whole", I'm guessing that most would have said "there are 8 games left, I'd like to see ~4 more wins". That would be 6-11.

Three weeks later, the team sits at 4-7. I'm guessing that 6-11 is no longer acceptable as showing progress. That point leads to both an observation (as a question) then the actual question.

Observation: Is this team growing / progressing right before our eyes and changing our expectations?

Now the actual Question: Apart from the obvious (progress by KP, etc), how many more games does the team have to win for your personal comfort that this ship is headed in the right direction?