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Thread: Peace Treaty between Steel Maniac and Hawaiinsteel

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealTazz864 View Post
    Just an observation:

    When someone says
    "Not getting in to this fracas, BUTT..."

    They're getting into it....
    It's like Omar Kahn saying
    "Not getting in to this fracas, BUTT..."
    and then going down on the sidelines and calling plays...

    Here you go on your BS. Why even comment if you have nothing to offer?

    By not getting in to the Fracas, I mean I am not getting in to the middle of them grown mens' differences. I am just making an observation... If I started an independent thread expressing my observation it would have gotten moved; so instead; I looked at a non relevant "Steeler" thread that was 18+ pages and growing and thought this would be the right thread to state the observation.

    Still not in the fracas. just a casual observer of this forum, as I have been for over 15+ years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bittspurgh View Post
    Not getting in to this fracas, but am wondering why my post questioning our mods or lack thereof, was moved to general as soon as I posted it, but this isn't a "Steeler Specific" topic either, yet its not moved.

    just an observation.
    The mods have shown not to be the most consistent bunch. I posted how Seattle showed us how you can repair an OL in just one offseason, and fix a D, relative to the Steelers situation, and they moved it. Total bull sh-t.

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    So when are Steel and Hawaiian doing dinner? Bar the debate on Mayfield sucking ( which doesn't look like the case on the Rams ) and Lamar Jackson's play and social media! Who knows the two men might have an affinity for Sushi and Jazz music. There are other topics to talk about!
    Tomlin hasn't won a playoff game in seven years and counting. The earliest will be eight years. Art Rooney II, get a new head coach.

    Our 2024 draft is grade A.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Maniac View Post
    In a Peace treaty, there are concessions made on both sides.

    So for the good of the poster room, I'm trying to get resolution to an ongoing issue:

    Hawaiinsteel was initially stalking me for months, (got up to a year) because he told me that I made Ruthlessburger leave the poster room ( he told me this in a private DM). I finally, got tired of it, and I made a comment about his mother. Granted, I did not know about his mother's health conditions at the time (no way for me to know) but the comment was made. And he's been even more upset ever since.

    Anyway.....with that said,

    I'd like to make an apology to Hawaiinsteel as long as he agrees to drop the hostilities towards me and we both can move on.

    What do you think HS? Can we do better than our senate and the house of representatives and come to a resolution?
    I will admit I didn't read this entire thread , in fact I didn't read any more than this 1st post ,,,

    I do not understand why anyone would call a truce based on this post that offers an apology with stipulations attached ...

    you are either sorry for what you did or you are not its really that simple .....

    an apology should never be contingency based and anytime they are they should not be considered sincere ....

    as and old friend from another board would say ......

    SUMMATION are wanting him to give you something in return for a fake apology


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