In a Peace treaty, there are concessions made on both sides.

So for the good of the poster room, I'm trying to get resolution to an ongoing issue:

Hawaiinsteel was initially stalking me for months, (got up to a year) because he told me that I made Ruthlessburger leave the poster room ( he told me this in a private DM). I finally, got tired of it, and I made a comment about his mother. Granted, I did not know about his mother's health conditions at the time (no way for me to know) but the comment was made. And he's been even more upset ever since.

Anyway.....with that said,

I'd like to make an apology to Hawaiinsteel as long as he agrees to drop the hostilities towards me and we both can move on.

What do you think HS? Can we do better than our senate and the house of representatives and come to a resolution?