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Thread: Can we stop comparing Pickett to Mahomes or Ben?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    How many rushing TDs did those 2 have.
    Do we only use that stat with darker skinned QBs??

    how did the offense get down so close to the end zone for kenny to run it in ??

    magic? Or did he help matriculate the ball down the field?
    You sure YOU wanna open THAT door? Suddenly running ability matters to you?

    I personally think run talent gets overated just like you.

    But to now make a big deal about Kennys running ability a history of dismissing its value?

    I am hopeful of Kenny personally. He is a raw rookie who had "accuracy" as his college strength. THAT makes me hopeful NOT his legs.

    But if we gotta use his legs which aren't even elite, to justify his value, consistency says you'd think Lamar is a better QB than he will ever be.

    I believe that pretty much EVERYONE here who credit "dark skinned" QBs running ability, are pro Kenny too. THEY are consistent.
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    In view of the fact that Mike Tomlin has matched Cowhers record I give him the designation:

    The Coach Formerly Considered Less Than Cowher


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