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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2022

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    Passhappy, Buzz and SteelerofDeville -

    I really appreciate the kind words towards MNF Exec. and planning the game.

    I really do appreciate the encouragement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    Serious question for the bunch: I'm surprised at how many did not select Steelers v Ravens, which almost always are under 7 points and typically more like 3 points. Was it because y'all didn't think we'd be in playoff contention and wouldn't get the kickoff bonus?
    I didn't think the Ravens AND Steelers would be in playoff contention this year. But I think the more I've played this game the more I'm always steering away from this usually popular game. Granted the Bills v. Bengals game pushed me right back into this I got lucky on this one.


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    congrats flippy.....I tried to catch ya but I guess it will have to be next got a bullseye on your back so be ready.....good job though!!!!
    2020 MNF Exec Champion

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    ALSO a shout out to Ghost......thanks
    2020 MNF Exec Champion

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    Well done Flippy! Solid season.

    It also warms my heart that all of us but one beat the networks and have a bright future in television programming….(sorry PFelix!)….

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    Congrats Flippy, nice work.
    Once again, I really appreciate all the work that goes into running it.
    Good job and thanks.
    How is it possible to have the best owner, best front office, best gm, best HC, good/great drafts every year and good FA acquisitions every year, but only have 3 playoff wins in 14 years?

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    Well played Flip. Always a tough game picker to keep up with week to week. Hope everyone comes back to play again next season!
    Last edited by Ghost; 01-19-2023 at 09:19 AM.

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    don't know how you do it

    congrats & we'll do battle again next year

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    Thanks again for doing this
    I know lots of work goes into it, but it's a fun contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonbull View Post

    Flippy - 859 - 2022 MNF Exec. Champion

    Whatever - 840
    Passhappy - 805
    Lonbull - 804
    MeetJoeGreene - 804
    Buzz - 797
    Ghost - 777
    SteelerofDeville - 754
    TheRealTazz864 - 710
    Northcoast - 709
    Starlifter - 707
    Fordfixer - 661
    Papillion - 660
    NBC - 626
    PFelix73 - 543
    ESPN - 471

    Congratulations to Flippy - who back in 2007 was our 2nd ever Champion - known as Flippinburghers - you are the 2022 MNF Exec. CHAMPION!

    Flippy first took the lead in Week 3 and Week 4....but then fell back until returning to the top in Week 15.

    He swapped punches through weeks 11 through 15 with former two-time Champion Ghost-- but eventually it was Flippy who took the Championship.

    However 2021 Champion Whatever came very close to stealing the title - as he earned an All-Time High of 120 points with Playoff Schedule Points. His 2022 Schedule always had a least one Playoff team involved - but more importantly had 11 games featuring two playoff teams playing against each other!

    In Week 18 Whatever had a 30 point Record Bonus -- while Flippy had zero bonus points at kickoff.

    However at the end of Week 18 both Flippy and Whatever scored 45 points total.....and THAT was the difference in the final score and the Championship!

    Week 18 belonged to SteelerofDeville as he had the Weekly High score of 75 points - primarily with the help of 55 Bonus Points for a Win and you're in game!

    In closing - Thank you to all of you for playing. I certainly can appreciate that it's a humbling experience - but I always enjoy this group and seeing how this all plays out.

    Also a special Thank You to Ghost - who scores the games every week with me and without him I know there would be numerous errors. As always my friend - thank you.

    As is Tradition for the Champion - Flippy the Podium is yours if you'd like to throw out a few final comments from the Champ.

    Thanks for another fun season guys!!!!

    It's been a long time since I last won this game in 2007/08. Thanks for sticking with me and not firing me after such a long stretch without success.

    Keep believing and anything is possible.

    Not sure if the stars are going to align again, but the last time I won was one season before the Steelers won SuperBowl XLIII.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Mike Tomlin and the Steelers could redeem themselves just like your boy Flippy???

    SuperBowl or Bust!!!!!

    Who ride????
    Last edited by flippy; 01-20-2023 at 10:13 AM.


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