Monday Night Football Executive 2022

Hall of Champions –
Ghost - 2006
Flippinburghers - 2007
2008 - The Lost Season
NeClams – 2009
Falcons Fan – 2010
NeClams – 2011
Pfelix73 – 2012
SteelerofDeville – 2013
Starlifter – 2014
Ruthlessburgher – 2015
Lonbull – 2016
MeetJoeGreene – 2017
Ghost – 2018
Jooser – 2019
Passhappy – 2020
Whatever - 2021

Best Single Week High Score:
New England @ Indianapolis - Week 10 - 2009 - 145 points

Best Single Week Score - Player
Ruthlessburgher, Lonbull, Pfelix73, MeetjoeGreene, BigLebowski, Falconfan, Ghost, Neclams, Doogie36, Flippinburghers, Chadman, Angry Asian, Starlifter, NBC

Best Week 17 High Score
2013 – 160 Points

Ghost, Lonbull, SteelerofDeville, Pfelix73

For those of you new to the game, here is the concept. Year in and year out my buddies and I would plan on getting a Pizza and watching Monday Night Football, sadly many of these games were real yawners. I figured anybody with common NFL sense should be able to schedule better games than what I was watching and so - Monday Night Football Executive was created, to test my theory that NFL fans could pick the closest, or most interesting games week in and week out.

I realize that NBC and ESPN have a few other things to consider when choosing their games, but in reality people across the country either want to watch their team or the best game of the week, so no excuses. If that weren't the reality NBC wouldn't use Flex scheduling.

What's at stake you ask - Bragging rights and an entry into the Hall of Champions - it's yours uncontested.

However to play for bragging rights your schedule needs to be PM'ed to me or added to this thread no later than

Thursday Sept 8th by 8:30 pm EST.

Anyone is welcome to join after the deadline – however if you join after the deadline you will be ineligible to enter the Hall of Champions even if they win. Also all schedules will on display once the season begins, even if you’ve emailed them to me privately - to make sure the game is fair.

As you can see there have been some minor changes and alterations made. We’ve had some really great crews in the past few seasons and I'm looking forward to seeing who is this season's MNF Executive. If you have any questions please post them and I will do my best to address them.

Soon I will post the ESPN and NBC schedules for MNF Exec.