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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2022

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    never been one yet and I doubt it will happen this year.....sometimes its just luck.....sometimes you can over think/go for bonus's....sometimes just winging it works best.....your challenge has been noted
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    Read them and weep! This is an excellent MNF Exec set of picks. My only regret is tha Chadman is no longer posting so I can no longer taunt him

    Week1 Broncos vs. Seahags
    Week2 Steelers vs. Cheaters
    Week3 Lions vs. Vikings
    Week4 Browns vs. Falcons
    Week 5 Cowboys vs. Rams
    Week6 Bills vs. Chiefs
    Week7 Packers vs. Redsmanders
    Week8 49ers vs. Rams
    Week9 Rams vs. Buccaneers
    Week10 Titans vs. Broncos
    Week11 Chiefs vs chargers
    Week12 Rams vs Chiefs
    Week 13 Browns vs Texans *why the hell not
    Week 14 Chiefs vs Broncos
    Week 15 Bengals vs, Buccaneers
    Week 16 Eagles vs Cowboys
    Week 17 Bills vs, Bengals
    Week 18 Chargers vs, Broncos

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    Well done MJG!


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    week 1 raiders / chargers
    week 2 titans / bills
    week 3 packers / bucs
    week 4 bills / ravens
    week 5 bengals /ravens
    week 6 bills / chiefs
    week 7 steelers / dolphins
    week 8 49ers / rams
    week 9 rams / bucs
    week 10 cards / rams
    week 11 raiders / denver
    week12 packers / eagles
    week 13 chiefs / bengals
    week 14 ravens / steelers
    week 15 bengals / bucs
    week 16 eagles / cowboys
    week 17 49ers / raiders
    week 18 ravens / bengals
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    1. Stillers/Bumgals (Big bonus week right off the bat)
    2. Titans/Bills
    3. Peckers/Bucs
    4. Bills/Rats
    5. Raiders/Chefs
    6. Cowgirls/Iggles
    7. Stillers/Dolphins
    8. Cardinals/Vikings
    9. Titans/Chefs
    10. Cardinals/Rams
    11. Raiders/Donks
    12. Stillers/Dolts
    13. Dolts/Cowgirls
    14. Chefs/Donks
    15. Rams/Peckers
    16. Raiders/Stillers
    17. Bills/Bumgals
    18. Cardinals/Forty-whiners

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    Week 01: Raiders vs Chargers
    Week 02: Titans vs Bills
    Week 03: Packers vs Bucs
    Week 04: Bills vs Ravens
    Week 05: Cowboys vs Rams
    Week 06: Bills vs Chiefs
    Week 07: Steelers vs Fins
    Week 08: Cardinals vs Vikes
    Week 09: Rams vs Bucs
    Week 10: Cowboys vs Packers
    Week 11: 49ers vs Cards
    Week 12: Bengals vs Titans
    Week 13: Chargers vs Raiders
    Week 14: Browns vs Bengals
    Week 15: Ravens vs Browns
    Week 16: Raiders vs Steelers
    Week 17: Cowboys vs Titans
    Week 18: Panthers vs Saints


    "Football is a physical game, well, it used to be anyways" - Mel Blount

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    I spent a solid 14 minutes on this years picks. That kind of effort and dedication is sure to pay off. I'm also pretty sure that's 13 minutes more than the networks committed......

    1: Raiders V. Chargers
    2: Chargers V. Chiefs
    3: Packers v. Bucs
    4: Chiefs v. Bucs
    5: Bengals v. Ravens
    6: Bills v. Chiefs
    7: Steelers v. Dolphins
    8: Packers v. Bills
    9: Rams v. Bucs
    10: Broncos v. Titans
    11: Chiefs v. Chargers
    12: Rams v Chiefs
    13: Chiefs v. Bengals
    14: Ravens v. Steelers
    15: Rams v. Packers
    16: Raiders v. Steelers
    17: Rams v. Chargers
    18: Ravens v. Bengals

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    1: Den vs Seattle
    2: AZ vs LV
    3: KC vs Indy
    4: Buf vs Balt
    5: Pit vs Buf
    6: Den vs LAC
    7: Indy vs Ten
    8: GB vs Buf
    9: LAR vs TB
    10: AZ vs LAR
    11: KC vs LAC
    12: LAR vs KC
    13: Philly vs Ten
    14: KC vs Den
    15: Cincy vs TB
    16: LAC vs Indy
    17: Buf vs Cincy
    18: LAC vs Den

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    Lonbull's "COME GET A TASTE" 2022 Schedule

    Week 1: Panthers v. Browns
    Week 2: Cardinals v. Raiders
    Week 3: Falcons v. Seahawks
    Week 4: Chiefs v. Buccaneers
    Week 5: Bengals v. Ravens
    Week 6: Broncos v. Chiefs
    Week 7: Colts v. Titans
    Week 8: Cardinals v. Vikings
    Week 9: Rams v. Buccaneers
    Week 10: Cardinals v. Rams
    Week 11: Raiders v. Broncos
    Week 12: Chargers v. Cardinals
    Week 13: Chiefs v. Bengals
    Week 14: Dolphins v. Chargers
    Week 15: Colts v. Vikings
    Week 16: Packers v. Dolphins
    Week 17: Bills v. Bengals
    Week 18: Chiefs v. Raiders

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    Be kind to the rookie... and after I win I'll tell you my secret

    Wk1: NE v MIA
    Wk2: CIN v DAL
    Wk3: KC v IND
    Wk4: TEN v IND
    Wk5: CIN v BAL
    Wk6: BUF v KC
    Wk7: KC v SF
    Wk8: GB v BUF
    Wk9: LAR v TB
    Wk10: DEN v TEN
    Wk11: CIN v PIT
    Wk12: GB v PHI
    Wk13: LAC v LV
    Wk14: KC v DEN
    Wk15: MIA v BUF
    Wk16: LAC v IND
    Wk17: MIA v NE
    Wk18: BAL v CIN


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