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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2022

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    Week 10

    Buzz - 455
    Ghost - 425
    Flippy - 395
    Papillion - 395
    TheRealTazz864 - 390
    Passhappy - 390
    Whatever - 365
    Lonbull - 335
    Northcoast - 335
    Starlifter - 325
    MeetJoeGreene - 325
    SteelerofDeville - 320
    NBC - 295
    PFelix73 - 275
    Fordfixer - 265
    ESPN - 235

    Big Pappi (Papillion) did a Lambeau Leap this week by putting up 60 points in the Packers v. Cowboys game....and he did it on his own - and with that score he's tied for 3rd and in PRIME striking distance!!

    Meanwhile the TOP 3 Execs coming into Week 10 all found themselves in the Goose Egg Lounge....and they weren't alone, as Five others (including yours truly - Lonbull) joined them....and it was PACKED!!

    Looking ahead, once again it could be a very busy weekend at the Goose - as 9 MNF Execs will enter the weekend with ZERO bonus points at kickoff - including current Leader Buzz.

    Could the Old Guard be back?!?!!

    I mean with a big enough Chiefs v. Chargers game the 1st ever and 2nd ever to enter the Hall of Champions Ghost and Flippy could be at the top of the heap!

    And Ghost could be working on the first 3 peat???

    Old Guards -

    Your Leaders are in RED - Good Luck this Week!

    Week 11

    Chiefs vs Chargers – (+15) MJG, Starlifter, Flippy, Ghost, Whatever, SteelerofDeville, Fordfixer
    Raiders v. Broncos – Buzz, Lonbull, TheRealTazz864, Passhappy
    49ers v. Cardinals – Papillon, ESPN
    Bengals v. Steelers – Northcoast, NBC
    Titans v. Packers – Pfelix73
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    Week 11

    Ghost - 525
    Flippy - 495
    Buzz - 485
    Whatever - 465
    Starlifter - 425
    MeetJoeGreene - 425
    TheRealTazz864 - 420
    Passhappy - 420
    SteelerofDeville - 420
    Papillion - 410
    Northcoast - 370
    Fordfixer - 365
    Lonbull - 365
    NBC - 330
    PFelix73 - 275
    ESPN - 250

    7 MNF Execs - including new leaders Ghost and Flippy took the weekly high score of a FAT 100 points in the Chiefs v. Chargers slugfest. This game featured a little bit of everything - as it had a Divisional Record Bonus, Big TD Games from Mahommes to Kelce including a Game Winner less than 1 minute left....and even a Defensive Bonus!

    Big game - Big Points!

    Former leader Buzz still remains very much in striking distance as his Raiders v. Broncos game earned him a very solid 30 points.

    MNF Exec is a cruel mistress of a game - and at this point one wonders if Buzz will be able to get up off the turf and return to the top spot.....or was this week a game changer for him?

    Looking ahead only Papillion and NBC have record bonuses entering week 12 -- with the 25 point bonus Papillion gets he will leap frog over 5 MNF Execs at kickoff and who knows with a little luck could find himself near the top of the board with a huge game....there's still plenty of football left!

    With as few Kickoff bonus points as we've seen this season it's a big surprise many of us haven't spent WEEKS in the Goose Egg Lounge - however only 1 Exec. found himself getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday Season at the Goose....I really hope "she" was serving drinks to PFelix73!!

    Looking ahead......(take your time).....looking ahead -- 14 Execs enter Week 12 with zero bonus to help them out.

    Top leaders Ghost, Flippy and Buzz are all offering different games so we'll see how the top of the board shakes out.

    Ghost has this game all to himself -- so with a little luck he could take a commanding lead!

    Your Leaders are in RED - Good Luck this Week!

    Week 12

    Bengals v. Titans – (+25) Papillion
    Patriots v. Vikings – (+25) NBC

    Saints v. 49ers – Ghost
    Rams v. Chiefs – MJG, Starlifter, Flippy, Whatever, SteelerofDeville, Pfelix73
    Packers v. Eagles – Passhappy, Northcoast, Fordfixer
    Steelers v. Colts – Buzz, TheRealTazz864, ESPN
    Chargers v. Cardinals – Lonbull
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