… See this link for a partial list of crimes by NFL players. You will notice that an extremely high percentage of the crimes are against women both sexual assault and domestic violence … and I can tell you that this list is a drop in the bucket because the list only includes some of the cases that were prosecuted. Players and especially high profile players were protected by very powerful NFL billionaire owners with tremendous political clout and the “old boys network” with connections to judges, congressmen and senators. Serious crimes were hushed up, victims either paid off or intimidated and the crimes never prosecuted.



… the below might seem like a stretch or a paranoid connect the dots BUT check this out …

H L Hunt, the billionaire oil tycoon and once judged the richest man in the world, developed extreme conservative political opinions. In 1951 he launched the Douglas MacArthur for President campaign. Along with two of his sons, Nelson Bunker Hunt and Lamar Hunt, he set-up a right-wing intelligence network, the International Committee for the Defence of Christian Culture.

Hunt also funded two right-wing radio shows, Facts Forum and Life Line. He used these radio stations to support the anti-communist campaign of Joseph McCarthy. He also helped to finance the political career of Lyndon B. Johnson. A member of the John Birch Society, Hunt was a close friend of Edwin Walker.

A strong opponent of Fidel Castro, Hunt helped to fund the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a group that worked with the Mafia and the Central Intelligence Agency in an effort to remove Castro from power.

President John F. Kennedy became concerned about people like Hunt who used tax exemptions to spread right-wing propaganda. According to Joachim Joesten Hunt had an annual income of $30,000,000 but paid little in income tax. In 1963 Kennedy talked about plans to submit to Congress a tax reform plan designed to produce about $185,000,000 in additional revenues by changes in the favorable tax treatment until then accorded the gas-oil industry …. SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING

Connection to white supremacy[edit]
Multiple sources, including American civil rights icon Malcolm X, implicate Hunt as a lifelong racist who provided major financial assistance to several far-right organizations, such as the Minutemen and the John Birch Society. Hunt considered African Americans a political threat and made this clear in his radio interviews and broadcasts.[16] One of Hunt's chief allies, Allen Zoll, said that since 1936 Hunt advocated deporting all African Americans to Africa. For this reason, Hunt supplied Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad continuous financial support due to the latter's belief in racial separation from whites.[17]

In 1965, Hunt encouraged Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace, a white supremacist, to use the scheme of running his wife, Lurleen Wallace, for election as governor in a bald effort to evade the state's constitutional rule that a governor could not succeed himself.[18]

JFK conspiracy allegations[edit]
Madeleine Duncan Brown, an advertising executive who claimed to have had both an extended love affair and a son with President Lyndon B. Johnson, said that she was present at a party at the Dallas home of Clint Murchison Sr. (another oil tycoon), on the evening prior to the assassination of John F. Kennedy that was attended by Johnson as well as other famous, wealthy, and powerful individuals including Hunt, Murchison, J. Edgar Hoover, and Richard Nixon.[19]


H L Hunt’s son. Lamar Hunt, created, the American Football League (AFL), financed by the Hunt family oil wealth. Hunt formed the Dallas Texans to play in the league, and over the next few months six more teams across the country affiliated with the AFL…. in the spring of 1966 the two leagues AFL and NFL merged. Hunt, who figured prominently in the merger negotiations, served as the AFL representative in talks with the Dallas Cowboy owner Tex Schramm and the NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.