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    Lamar Jackson

    He has turned in to mediocre QB despite a good OL,TE and defense.His WR's? Doesn't really use them. Too bad the Ravens didn't give him 200 million dollars.

    7-5 as a starter. 64.4% 16 TD's 13 Int's. Not even 3,000 yard thrown. An alarming 38 sacks taken in 12 games. I think the NFL has figured his game out. I know the Steelers have. He couldn't exploit our poor pass defense.

    Over rated.

    " If the Ravens cannot reach a long-term deal with Jackson, they could place the franchise tag on him in 2023, which will pay him $43.5 million per season. A second tag would require the team to give him a 120% raise, which would reportedly boost his salary to $52.2 million. That equates to $118.7M over three year "
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    Tomlin hasn't won a playoff game in seven years and counting. The earliest will be eight years. I guess that in Art Rooney's II, opinion is worth a 3 year extension.

    Our 2024 draft looks to be grade A. Our 2023 draft is an A. The roster is talented, but Mike Tomlin is still the head coach.

    *** Mike Tomlin is the best coach since the AFL- NFL merger that has not won a playoff game in 8 seasons or more. It's either him or Lewis. ***


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