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    Just gonna try to steal another years paychecků
    In the last decade:
    25% of the league has won a super bowl. The steelers are not one of them.
    18 teams have as many or more playoff wins as the steelers.
    25 teams have won at least one playoff game, none have a worse playoff win percentage than the steelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    I'm not suspicious of Tuitt. His cap hit doesn't change whether he is cut before training camp or just prior to the season. I think that the team knows much more than they are saying, and they know that what they are saying is meaningless. As much as fans like to be kept in the loop, it makes no sense to do so. So, whether he is back or not, both player and team have likely discussed it and fans will only know when an announcement is made.
    Just maybe we won't hear a peep until the Steelers make a bonanza signing to replace him? After all, if teams knew the Steelers were going to cut him, they might view the Steelers DL as a bit in desparation and up the asking price for either a FA or trade.


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