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I think the Tampa and Carolina game.. and even the Rats game he player like he had nothing to lose but early in the season he played timid football. Maybe that was a typo by NC.
I think early in the year, he knew that he wasn't going to be playing all season. So he kept trying to hit homeruns with big plays on 3rd down.

But the thing is, he isn't good at those plays. Wasn't last year. Wasn't in Chicago.

Maybe he was trying to be Josh Allen or something, but he's just not a great deep ball passer.

I think him going for these big plays consistently on 3rd, combined with his poor deep ball accuracy led to way too many 3 and outs. If he would have just played in the system (which is what Kenny was doing even though some here didn't like it), we would have had a far more consistent offense early in the year. Maybe that's enough to get us in the playoffs.