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to me, spending 2nd and 3rd rounder on WRs isn't exactly setting up your biggest asset.

just look at our history at left tackle. probably the 2nd more position on offense.
beachum 7th rounder
villa - street free agent/former WR

can you honestly try and tell me they've addressed that position like other teams with their franchise QBs did?
brady, rodgers, etc
I don't have the time, but it would be interesting to see who the LTs were that were available when we made picks over the decade.

And then we got AV. Who we picked up for nothing and turned into a pretty good LT. And since he was already pretty good with years ahead of him, it didn't make sense to spend high draft capital on LT. Especially after Shazier got hurt and we had to try to rebuild the D on the fly so they could be at least reasonably good while the O was at it's peak (something we didn't end up accomplishing IMO).

I don't think it's too surprising that a team that usually drafts in the back half of the first (after the best Ts are gone) tends to draft iOL with the higher draft picks they spend on the position group.

And then after they invest in the OL, they let it sit for a long time. Because OL have longer careers than most positions.

And while I think we drafted too many WRs that didn't really pan out, I get the strategy of continually spending high picks on WRs so you don't have to pay the 2nd contracts on WRs (which are too high for what they bring IMO). Especially when you have a HoF QB, who (at least in his prime) tended to make just about any WR look pretty good. I think Sanders is our only WR that left in Ben's prime years that really did anything somewhere else.